Upcoming Tour Dates:

Minnesota: JCC event: August 20th 2015

Atlanta: Sukkot Holiday Events: September 27th 2015

                                                             October 1st 2015

                                                             October 4th 2015

Cincinnati: JCC Shabbos Project Event: October 22nd 2015

Atlanta: Hachnosas Sefer Torah Event: November 22nd, 2015

Atlanta:  Chanukah Concert at Chabad Intown: December 6th

Atlanta:  Chanukah Concert at Chabad of Sandy Springs: December 8th

Dallas: Chanukah Concert:   December 13, 2015

New Jersey: Private Birthday Party December 20th, 2015

New Jersey: Lubavitch on the Pallisades December 29th 2015

Atlanta: Private Birthday Party January 10th, 2016

Please check back soon for the official Tour dates for 2016 which will include Passover Hotels, Summer Camps, Schools, Shuls around the country!



Directions for Uploading Videos:

1) Visit https://www.youtube.com/

2) In the top right corner click the “upload” button (be sure to make video public or share with Rabbi Jake).

3) Copy video URL and paste into the space above.